We are looking for professional doulas to join our team.

Baton Rouge Birth Services is having a baby! A full-service agency baby! By working as an Independent Contractor with Baton Rouge Birth Services, you:
-Will earn a living wage while doing what you love.
-Work as part of a team that enables you to live a life outside of doula work.
-Be able to do what you love and none of what you don't. We will handle the marketing, payment collections and all things business. You only have to provide professional, reliable support to your clients.

So what are we looking for?

-Professionals who have a passion for this work and are capable of providing nonjudgmental support. Activists need to be able to push away their biases for the purpose of this job or not apply for the position.
-An eagerness to become part of a team, support their colleagues and work respectfully with medical professionals.
-A desire to give their clients their full attention when they are in their birthing and postpartum time.
-Already trained with, or willing to train or cross-certify with, ProDoula. Training is not required at the time of submitting an application but you must be willing to train in order to be considered for our team.

While we do see the value in other certification agencies, ProDoula training is required so there are no discrepancies on what our agencies standards are.

Ready to join?

To apply, please submit a letter of intent or a current resume and 2 references (personal or professional) to contact@batonrougebirthservices.com with the subject "Letter of Intent- (Full Name)".
In this letter, please include why you became or would like to become a doula and what support of growing families means to you.

The deadline to send in your letter of intent is February 10, 2017.

Any questions can be directed to contact@batonrougebirthservices.com