Placenta consumption is not just the latest trend but rather an age old remedy for gentle postpartum recovery. 


The encapsulation of your precious placenta for the purpose of ingestion is to be done with the highest safety standards available and with the utmost respect for what it has to offer.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists will transform the organ that nourished your baby into a supplement. It has the potential to enhance your milk supply, aid in increasing your energy levels and decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression.

This service is exclusively offered in your home so you may be confident that it is done safely and respectfully. This also means you can have an expert available to you throughout the entire process.

Add-on services


A portion of your placenta may be used to create a tincture, which will extend the support that your placenta can offer you. By steeping a small piece of the placenta in alcohol, the liquid is known to take on the benefits the placenta can offer. The tincture may be used as a remedy for emotional, mental and psychological instability throughout the cycles of life.

Baton Rouge Placenta Encapsulation


Utilizing delicious chocolates, we are able to mask the taste of your dehydrated placenta powder. This is a creative, fun, and sometimes shocking way to reap the benefits of ingesting your placenta. 

Cord Keepsake

For families who feel a strong connection to the power the placenta offers through the umbilical cord to the baby, we are able to create a keepsake that can be cherished forever. By dehydrating a portion of your child’s umbilical cord and preserving it in a beautiful package, you will be able to hold the memory of their birth close to you, always.

Natural Placenta Print

A print of your placenta can be made to frame as a keepsake. Each placenta print is as unique as you and your baby are and can stand as a reminder of why the placenta is also referred to as the “tree of life.” This print is made with the natural blood that surrounds it and is preserved for safe keeping.

We offer informational packets, containing details about our services, prices, and packages. Contact us to request your packet today!