Are You Worried About Post Baby Sex?


So, you've had your baby and you get the go ahead from your doctor to resume... ahem... relations with your partner. What if it hurts though? Will it feel the same? Will I be "loose"?

Honestly, it's unlikely that sex will feel any different than it did before you had your baby, shoot, it may even feel better! (Now, this is provided you did not have severe tearing, such as third or fourth degree tearing, which could understandably take much longer to heal.) You will not be loose, your vagina will be fine, you'll still "feel" your partner.

Often times labor can bring us closer to our partners. When they are our rock and never leave our sides while we are laboring, we grow more fond of them than we ever thought possible. Our love and affection grows for them and, of course, all of these things make for great sex.

The most important thing you can do is keep an open line of communication with your partner. Start slow and start when you are ready. That may not be when your doctor tells you you are ready. Some women are practically begging for "it" the day after their baby is born and will need tons of intimate touch until their bodies are fully healed. Others have no desire for sex and it could take much longer than 6 weeks for them to decide to go for it again. Both are totally normal.

Again, an open line of communication is key. If you aren't ready to take the plunge, that is okay. However, some men do not get it and need a lot of reassurance that you still love them and are attracted to them. They may need more non-sexual physical touch. Letting them know that you still do not feel completely healed may also help.

If you are feeling ready, your bleeding has stopped, you are all healed up, and your provider gave you the green light, then go for it! It may end up being the best sex of your life!