Why Should I Hire a Postpartum Doula?

Great question! The short answer is because we know you will LOVE having us around. 

The long answer: 

  • Postpartum Doulas are there to help YOU. Sure, we love your baby and will help with what ever you need done, but our main focus is on you. Your emotional and physical well being. While almost every other visitor postpartum will be concentrated on your baby, your postpartum doula will concentrate on making things easier on you. 

  • We want to encourage and support you through the transition of bringing a new baby home. This can be a difficult and hectic time whether you're bringing home your first or fifth child. 
  • When you start to feel overwhelmed, we can step in and let you know just how great you are doing.
  • We are not your sister, your mother, your aunt, or your best friend, we have no desire to judge your parenting style, and we do not want to make you do things our way. We want to help you feel confident in doing things your way. 

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