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What is BR Birth Services Doing to Improve Birth in Baton Rouge?

You will not see us involved in Improving Birth rallies and other events people associate with trying to improve birth for women, but why? Because, while we believe advocacy definitely has its place, we do not feel it is a doulas job to be an advocate.

What is Back Labor Anyways?

What is Back Labor Anyways?

It's a constant lingering backache that doesn't let up, it ranges from "I could use some Tylenol And a back rub" to "OH MY GOSH! DID I JUST GET HIT BY A TRUCK?!" It basically all around sucks. 

Birth and Placentas - As Told by My Four Year Old!

Birth and Placentas - As Told by My Four Year Old!

Brynlee: "Um... excuse me ma'am, are you having a baby?"

Pregnant lady: (*smiles*) "Yes, I am."

Brynlee: "And is your baby going to come out of your vagina?"

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Doula

Continuous Labor Support:

A birth doula is there to support you through your entire labor and birth process. Doctors and nurses often have several patients to take care of, so they do not have the ability to stay with you through your entire labor.