Sometimes Preschool Sucks

Parenting can be hard and sometimes preschool sucks.

Every day I pick Brynlee up from school and clean out her folder and every day I find “extra practice” worksheets in her folder for Brynlee to practice writing her name.

Getting this child to sit down at the table and practice writing her name is near impossible. It’s like a chore and she hates it.

Being that she is the only kid in her class that can’t write her name, this makes me want to cry.

So what does a mom of a child that has no interest in these things to do?

Enter sidewalk chalk.


I wrote her name on the ground in white and told her we were going to make “rainbow names”, well she had no interest in this, so I started drawing letters and tracing them myself. When she saw the beautiful rainbow effect, she was sold.

“Oh, that’s how you make rainbow names! I want to try!”

Creative Mom: 1, Disinterested Child: 0