I'M PREGNANT!....Now What?!


Our doulas understand and are ready to support you!

The doulas at Baton Rouge Birth Services can assist you with so many things during your pregnancy. This includes:

  • Help coping with many normal symptoms of pregnancy like nausea and back pain.
  • Preparation for labor, birth, and breastfeeding. 
  • Help answering questions, such as, "how will I know if I am in labor?", "Should I get an epidural?" and more. 
  • Recommendations to helpful books or articles on many different topics.
  • We can connect you with community resources such as play centers, day cares, lactation support, and provider recommendations.

The earlier you book us, the sooner we can begin! 

For more information on our birth doula services, you can look here: Birth Doula Services

For the answers to frequently asked questions about our services, look here: FAQ