I do this for the money.

You read that correctly.

I do this work for the money. Some throw that phrase at professional doulas as if it is an insult. It does not insult me at all. I am so proud that I have built a business that is sustainable. 

I care deeply about my clients, and because I refuse to burn out (unfortunately most doulas burn out within 5 years), I also have the goal to pay my bills. Owning Baton Rouge Birth Services is what helps keep the lights on at my house and food on the table. In fact, all of the doulas at Baton Rouge Birth Services are a part of our team because they want to work. They are professional doulas.

This means great things for our clients. 

It means we are 100% committed to our clients. We strive to provide the highest quality care for families in our area. Our number one goal is to make sure you feel completely satisfied with the services we provide for you. We want you to come back to us with your second child, third child, and so on. And, because we work hard to raise the bar in our profession, we are decreasing burn out. So, that doula you adored at the birth of your first child will likely still be here with your second child. 

It means our doulas do not have other jobs. You do not have to worry about calling one of our doulas from their “day job” when you go into labor. If you need a last minute postpartum shift, we always have someone available to cover it. Our doulas are ready and eager to work. 

It means we have no personal birth or parenting philosophy. We are here only to support you in your goals and desires. We work seamlessly with the providers you chose and trust for you and your child’s care. 

Lastly, it means every one of our doulas gets paid to do something they LOVE. We have the rare privilege in life to thoroughly enjoy every moment of the work we do. We are passionate about supporting families. 

Professional. Reliable. Compassionate.