Essential Talk: Oils

Essential Talk: Oils

When I first started looking into essential, my head was spinning from all of the options out there! So, here I will share the three brands that I use regularly and why.

The brands I use are:

1. Plant Therapy

2. Young Living

3. Mountain Rose Herbs


which essential oil brand should i use

Plant Therapy

What I like about Plant Therapy:

  • They have a large selection of oils.
  • They have their Kid Safe line devoted to oils safe for children (their Nighty Night and Sweet Dreams blend have helped my son with his awful sleep habits!). I feel so much better about having specific bottles just for him so I do not have to remember which ones I can or cannot use on him. Their single oils are also marked withe the Kid Safe logo if they are safe for use on children!
  • They have free same-day shipping.
  • They run sales all the time. I LOVE shopping sales!! 
  • They sell all of the essential oils supplies you need to use the oils (diffusers, roller bottles, etc.)
  • They have hydrosols, which are much safer and more gentle for babies. 

What I don't like about Plant Therapy:

  • Their selection of blends is pretty limited. 
  • I have most of their blends. The smells aren't fabulous. I understand oils are used for their therapeutic properties, but a pleasant smell is also nice! My favorites are Tranquil and Relax. My least favorite is Sweet Dreams BUT it works like a charm

Young Living

First I will address the elephant in the room about this company. They are an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. You can buy their oils at retail price, or join their company and get wholesale pricing and other specials and earn commission of of those who sign up under you. This makes sense. By getting people to invest in this company and sign up to receive discounts, more people are likely to stay loyal to their company. It's great marketing. I encourage anyone who wants to use this company to become a member. You get 24% off by becoming a member and can get up to 20% more off through their essential rewards program. This puts the cost of their oils in the same range as the two other companies I use. 

What I like about Young Living:

  • They have a huge selection of oils. I like options and variety. 
  • Their selection of blends is larger than any other company. I like having blends available as it makes using the oils a little easier! Their blends are actually what led me to start using this company.
  • I have loved the smell of almost every one of their blends (the only ones I have not enjoyed are those with vanilla in them, but that is more of a personal preference.)
  • They are the easiest company to start using essential oils with. Their Premium Starter Kit gives you just about everything you need to start using oils in one place. (Which just so happen to be on sale for $10 off right now!)
  • They have TONS of other useful products. Cleaner, probiotics, supplements, soaps, toothpaste, pet shampoo, even pots and pans!
  • They run monthly specials (which as previously mentioned, I love shopping sales!)

What I don't like about Young Living:

  • I do not agree with all of their recommended usage of oils. I do not believe in the daily internal ingestion of oils unless under the direct care of a doctor to help determine dosage and the length of time they should be taken. 

Shameless plug: If you are going to sign up for Young Living, please consider using my enroller/sponsor ID 3026851 to sign up under me, or follow this link. Any one who signs up using my ID and purchases a Premium Starter Kit will receive a $10 Amazon gift card! (That adds up to a total of $20 off of the Premium Starter Kit when combined with the $10 off sale!)

Mountain Rose Herbs 

What I like about Mountain Rose Herbs:

  • They are an organic, fair trade, zero waste company committed to sustainability.
  • They have a wide range of single oils. 
  • They have everything you need to make homemade products (lotions, chapsticks etc).
  • They have a huge stock of loose teas and herbs. This is where I purchase all of my supplies for our different herbal baths and products. 
  • They have many products aimed at a more holistic approach to health (tonics, herbal capsules, tinctures). 
  • They also sell hydrosols. 

What I do not like about Mountain Rose Herbs:

  • They have no oil blends.

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