A Nesting Woman's Checklist

So the time has come in my pregnancy where my exhausted self is tired of sitting back and watching the house fall apart around me, and I'm now motivated to get things ready for the baby.

Gosh, did this pregnancy really go by that fast? Will I really be holding a newborn in a month?

Even though this is my fourth, I don't think I've ever been so unprepared for something in my life.

No, seriously, running a successful doula agency will make you lose track of time apparently and this baby having thing just got pushed off.

So, I've been making a list of the things I need to get done within the next few weeks...


I've crossed three things off of that list (the top 3) this week. The rest has been neglected because I've had the sudden urge to take out every article of clothing my big kids own and bag up anything that doesn't fit to be passed down to the baby in 2-5 years.

Yes, really.

Which ended in a trip to the store for more clothes that are more size appropriate for the big kids. Kids grow faster than I thought!

Is this the first step in cleaning a house from top to bottom?

The flower bed is mostly complete. My husband intended on adding mulch to the flower bed and maybe a few annual flowers to appease the HOA. There was a lapse in communication and I spent all day at the nursery picking out $600 in flowers. Apparently I thought his goal was to be nominated for yard of the month.

After I came home with the $600 flowers, and completely freaked my husband out, this prompted him to install a $200 sprinkler system. We can't very well take care of $600 in flowers properly while caring for a newborn, can we? Project today is to add mulch to the flower bed and we should be golden.

Yes, this is real life. This nesting stuff is no joke. Even I do not know why I came home with over 120 flowers for us to plant in the Louisiana heat (while I'm very pregnant at that). Flowers that will inevitably die in a few months.

It should surprise no one, since with my last pregnancy I installed wooden floors, painted cabinets, tore down the 70's wall paper thoughout our house and painted the walls. Then sold the house a few months after my baby was born (because that makes complete sense).

I feel like I'm missing some things still because I've procrastinated for so long, so I need to know, what made your list? What are the most pressing things that you need checked off before you have your baby? Or if you have already had your baby, what were the most important things to you?

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