What Do Doulas and Realtors Have in Common?

"Meghan, slow down and breathe. The end result is going to be so worth it no matter how bad it seems right now".

These are the words that just came out of my realtor's mouth as I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

You see, we are in the middle of building new construction right now and my inspector just told us that we had some MAJOR issues with the home we were due to close on at the end of the month. In all of the years that he has been inspecting homes this has been the worst he has ever seen.

"I want to know exactly what is happening as it is happening! They need to FIX this!" I told her.

"I agree, I'll get them to send us a schedule so we can come check progress daily".

This whole time I'm talking to her I couldn't help but think she is like my life doula.

We are navigating new territory here and this whole event has left us stressed out, confused and out of control. I've never felt alone in this though. She has been there every step of the way for me, explained the process and given me control back. She's been so supportive through this and I couldn't imagine going through this alone.

So how is a realtor like a doula? They work for you and support you through every single decision you make. They are a non-biased source of information and a shoulder to cry on. They are there for you during moments that will change your life forever. By the time it is over you'll be glad you had good one.

Thanks Brittiny Howard for being my life doula.