What is Back Labor Anyways?

The night before my son was born was a rainy night and I had been doing a lot that day. I felt miserable, didn't want to finish my dinner, had a dull ache in my back and told my husband I was going to go lay down.

I woke up around 1am and asked my husband to run water on my back. It was killer! After 20 minutes or so I climbed back into bed.

Not long after I woke up to a "pop". My water had broken.

I woke my husband up again, and he started filling up the birth pool. I still had this miserable back ache but I wasn't really feeling contractions.

About 2 hours later It hit me that I was actually in labor and had been contracting for some time. And about this time I was looking my husband in the eyes and saying, "if we were in the hospital I'd be begging for an epidural" and then seconds later I was pushing out a posterior baby in my kid's bedroom.

So, what does back labor feel like?

It feels like you way over did it that day and maybe like you are long overdue for a visit to your chiropractor. It's a constant lingering backache that doesn't let up, it ranges from "I could use some Tylenol And a back rub" to "OH MY GOSH! DID I JUST GET HIT BY A TRUCK?!" It basically all around sucks.

One client describes it like this: "I wasn't really expecting the pain to be where it was. I assumed it would be more like mid back and radiate around to the front. I didn't know it would literally be right at my lower back and make me feel like my hips where breaking!! The only thing that eased the pain was squatting in the shower and my doula spraying hot water on that area of my back!"

So, what is back labor? I mean, what causes back labor?

Back labor is when you feel your contractions in your back usually due to a posterior baby.

Yikes! Sounds miserable, right? The good news is, there is something you can do about it... If you're smart about it, which I wasn't.

How can I prevent back labor?

1) Well for starters you can be proactive. Spinning babies is great for determining what position your baby is in and for helping turn your baby before you going to labor and even during your labor.

2) You can get on your hands and knees.

3) You can hire a doula. A doula can help suggest positions to get into to help your baby turn. She can also apply counter pressure which is a godsend for our clients with back labor. She can use a rebozo to take the pressure off your back. She can even massage you during your labor.

4) You can try Hypnobabies to turn your baby during your labor.

5) You can try squatting! Squatting helps open the pelvis and encourage rotation.

6) You can get in the water to help relieve back labor. Speaking from personal experience, water feels amazing during back labor.

So there you have it, a few tools to help you prevent and remedy back labor.