Birth and Placentas - As Told by My Four Year Old!

So, the other day we were shopping and my daughter sees a pregnant woman looking at a bunch of onesies. Anyone who knows my daughter knows she is very social and has no filter.

Brynlee: "Um... excuse me ma'am, are you having a baby?"

Pregnant lady: (*smiles*) "Yes, I am."

Brynlee: "And is your baby going to come out of your vagina?"

Pregnant lady: (*Blushes*) "Yes.... she is..."

Brynlee: "Oh. Okay. And when your placenta comes out, you're going to eat it, right?"

Pregnant lady: "Uh... What?"

Brynlee: (*In Daniel Tiger sing song voice*) "You've gotta try new food 'cause it might taste good"

I've got to say, this child is great for my birth business. Haha!

So, for your viewing pleasure...

Birth and Placentas as told by my 4 year old


And in case you are curious about why the placenta is stored in the fridge and not the freezer, she is referring to putting it in the fridge while I am waiting to prepare it not AFTER the capsules are made (as that is a breeding ground for mold and can compromise your capsules). 


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