Our Little Quarter Back

My son is two. Two year olds aren't quarterbacks. But they EAT quarters. In about one second my son picked up a quarter and set it on his tongue, I instantly say "no!" And reach for the quarter. Of course, this makes him decide it needs to be swallowed. Sometimes a toddlers logic is not so logical! 

What followed was the scariest and longest 60 seconds of my life. I noticed instantly that my son couldn't breathe, so I scooped him up and did back blows and the Heimlich on him. It didn't take long for him to gasp and start crying. But he was still drooling buckets and was kind of gagging/coughing between cries. So while I felt better knowing he was breathing, I could tell it was still stuck. I continued rotating back blows and the Heimlich until he vomited. After that he calmed down and seemed much better. He drank some water and started running around. It literally all happened within one minute. It was so quick!!! 

 This happened on a Friday afternoon and after a weekend of sifting through poopy diapers like it was the California Gold Rush we came up with no gold. So, off to the pediatricians office we go! We got a fabulous picture of my sons insides, and left with directions to continue minning for gold and come back in three days for more x-Rays of it did not pass. 

The second x-ray looked EXACTLY the same. The sucker never moved an inch!! At this point it becomes an infection concern to have a foreign object stay in one place in the stomach for so long and my son was starting to run low fevers.  We were refferred to the Children's Hospital in New Orleans. We met with the surgeon and scheduled his surgery for two days later.....all I can think is two more days of sifting for gold. Not really, I was actually really freaked out about the idea of my little boy undergoing this procedure! He seemed to care more about exploring the office. 

We get to the hospital at the crack of dawn. My son gets to put on this adorable little gown and has some toys to play with.  

Then, my sweet innocent little boy is given some medicine that makes him high as a kite. It's pretty much the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while.  

All went well during his procedure. After it was over the doctor came out to bring us our quarter back. We are lucky we got it out when we did because it began to attach to his stomach lining and was making a sore. These are the images of the quarter in his stomach, the sore left on his stomach after removing it, and the quarter itself!

They should really warn you about the aftermath of general anesthesia in a two year old. It's the polar opposite of the sweet little high child they take from you beforehand!  

After a nap in the car on the drive home and some lunch he was back to his usual self and I was officially done sifting through poopy diapers!!! We are keeping the quarter to show him when he gets older. Hopefully he doesn't plan on starting a whole collection of things that needed to be surgically removed!  


P.S. I was very thankful I was previously trained in infant CPR and first aid. I highly reccomend every parent take the training! It is an invaluable skill to have when the moment comes!! Also, I learned later that I should have taken him immediately in to see the doctor after this kind of choking episode even if you get everything cleared up on your own.

To find out more about becoming CPR and first aid certified, visit www.redcross.org